Are you tired of smoking joints? Want to regain your energy? Stop wasting your money? But you have trouble getting started, afraid of not getting there. Then you must follow addiction detox, below are ten tips based on testimonials from former smokers.

  1. Take stock of his motivations

For starters, you might want to take some time to think about what made you start. Why did you try? Keep on going? What pleasure do you experience while smoking? There would be no problem with drugs if they did not bring you anything. It is easier to mourn these pleasures by mentioning them.

In a second time, think about your motivations to stop. Why do you want to quit cannabis? Will you gradually decrease or stop at once?

  1. Fix a day J

Once you have made your decision, choose D-Day. Try to make this date coincide with a period when you are not under too much stress. Some people even establish a “non-smoking” contract with themselves.

This is also what advises to do the Guide to stop cannabis. So, you can note on a date on which you made the decision not to smoke plus your three or four main motivations. You can bring out this contract or think about it if you feel like you’re going to crack.

  1. Stop at several

If some of your friends are in the same situation as you, why not join forces? You can set a common date and organize something symbolic for your first day off. Not being alone, having someone to share your anxieties and difficulties can be interesting. It can also be more motivating to register in a sports club, the pool and why not go on a trip.

But if you do not find friends ready to stop with you, nothing is lost: you can turn to groups of lyrics where you will meet other young people in your situation. It will be a great strength that will help you feels less alone, especially if you have to go with your usual friends and give up some evenings to stop smoking.

  1. Reconnect with other hobbies that do good

We often smoke “to relax” or to “have fun”. And often, we forget all the other ways to enjoy life. Finding cannabis, rolling joints, finding a place to smoke them: this can even become the main focus of a smoker and his group of friends. To stop consuming, is to reconnect with a lot of little things surely forgotten : going to the cinema , the bowling, the rink, to walk, to go shopping, to dine with friends, to read, to attend a concert …

  1. Invest in your work

Sometimes investing in your studies, work or training can boost you and motivate you to stop. To need to feel in full possession of one’s intellectual abilities, having to bend to a new schedule can help to stop and also to invest more in one’s work.

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